If it's been a while since I made post, I sometimes forget the login  admin account password. Usually the admin password can be reset using the reset password page but due to hosting server issues, the reset email might not be sent. In that case, the fastest way to reset the password would be to login into the hosting cpanel and modify the password directly using SQL commands.

Inorder to change the password using SQL you must:

1. Login to the cpanel of your hosting provider.

2. Access phpMyadmin and browse to where your wordpress directory is stored.

3. Open the operations tab and enter in the following sql query.

USE databasename; -- to select the database

SELECT ID, user_login, user_pass, from wp_users; -- retrieves the user_login, user_pass rows

UPDATE wp_users SET user_pass MD5=('Newpassword') where ID=1  Limit=1; 
--updates the user password for the admin account, the ID=1 identifies the admin row, MD5 is used
--because the password stored in the database are MD5 hashed

Now you can login to your account using Newpassword as the login password.